eggs (en)

excertps from couplets / translated by david vichnar 

Once you become an acceptable retro, your life will close shut like a pressure cooker.
Whatever overflows it, causes a nasty mess. At least wish for a bang.

A child for free! You pay nothing!
Woe to them who purchased theirs dearly before the summer season.

The future's been already. Henceforth we'll be living in advance what the past has booked for today
We can always kill ourselves. Only once. (Thus spake LZ)

There're things not spoken about.
Until it turns out they weren't things.

Even he who shares is terribly fine.

Please don't come in here without an indenture. Especially if you've got a doctorate. 
Yours, HR.

Down with the total solar eclipse over the Czech Rep!
A Czech Sun for Czech children!

Don't be afraid, don't feel awkward.
We're never embarrassing ourselves, promised the prominent film critic.

Our country's still ruled by a nostalgia for the future.
And we owe to the past all we've been given.

Please help!
All we've got here is bread & revolution!